Artist and Student Audrey Reese


Audrey Reese, junior, is an outstanding artist and student.
Reese is from a military family, so she wasn’t always a part of the LaPorte community. Instead, she’s been all around the country.
“I was born in Georgia and moved to California, Kansas, Tennessee, Annadale, Virginia, Burke, Virginia, North Carolina, and now I live here in Indiana,” Reese said.
Reese moved to LaPorte the summer of her 8th grade year and started going to LPHS her freshman year. Reese loves the teachers and is comfortable at LPHS and hopes to stay for her senior year.
“I like my teachers. The teachers here are easy to get close with and build a relationship with. I like to stay after class to talk to some of my teachers and update each other on things that are going on with our lives. I plan to go here till my senior year and continue to do my best,” Reese said.
Although Reese isn’t in any clubs at LPHS, she enjoys photography, music, and space. Recently, she submitted two pieces of her artwork to the art show, an oil pastel of a restaurant scene as well as an acrylic painting of a ballerina, and they both won first-place ribbons.
Reese has been painting for as long as she could remember but hadn’t taken it seriously until middle school.
“I realized I had a passion for art when I started to put more effort into my work and was proud of how things were turning out. It made me really happy to see what I could create,” Reese said.
Majority of Reese’s personal artwork conveys her relationship with her mental health and how it affects her. Almost everything inspires Reese to create her favorite pieces.
“I am inspired by a lot of different things; some are simple everyday objects. I can look at a random object and think of how fun it would be to paint or draw. I notice the colors, the shapes, and the way the light hits things,” Reese said.
Reese is also inspired by many artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Rene Magritte. Seeing what they are capable of makes her want to test her own limits to see what she can be capable of.
Planning on taking many art classes her senior year, Reese is not going to stop there. She hopes to get in an art-related field when she’s older but still not exactly sure what she’s going to do.
No matter where Reese ends up, her creativity and talent will continue to impress all she meets.

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