Senior Technical Communications presentations


There’s no one way to properly prepare for life after graduation. Some people go to college or a trade school, and some head right into the workforce. LaPorte High School’s Senior Technical Communications class is preparing students for a life after high school that they’re passionate about.

Senior Technical Communications, taught by teachers Ms. Vincent and Mrs. LaRose, allows students to research their career interests by studying online and job shadowing under a professional in the community for eight hours. They also conduct an interview with a community member who is in the field they’re interested in. Students write a resume that goes into a portfolio with all the other information they’ve gathered. At the end of the year, students will give a final presentation to a panel of community leaders that summarizes the skills that they’ve learned as well as their future plans.

Depending on the student, there are many different pathways that seniors can take after they complete the class.

“These students are graduating with a plan for the future. Some consider four year universities, complete their applications and are accepted before the end of high school. Through this course, students are also exposed to certification programs as well as associates programs offered through Ivy Tech. Some students will start at Ivy Tech this summer. Other students have accepted full-time employment in their career of interest and are ready to begin in June. Other students are still deciding on their plan but they have their resume, they have researched and they understand their options. Every student has the skills and knowledge to know how to apply for a job, conduct themselves in an interview, and know what it takes to build their reputation in the workforce,” LaRose said.

Overall, there are a plethora of skills that students in LaRose’s Senior Tech class learned. This includes learning how to be employable, communication skills, responsibility, preparing for job interviews, finding what they’re passionate about, and being job ready.

“I’d probably say that the most important thing is Mrs. LaRose. She helped us with preparing for the real world and our jobs. Being able to communicate, being reliable, being on time, everything that a job wants, we’ve learned from Mrs. LaRose,” Senior Tech student Grant Godwin said.

These presentations took place on May 11th and 12th, and both teachers are extremely proud of their students for the work that they have done.

“We are so proud of our students and received a multitude of positive feedback responses from our community panel members. Many of these students expressed they are less stressed over graduating because they have a plan to follow afterwards, giving them the confidence to strike out on their own, which is what we wish most for them,” Vincent said.

LaRose agreed wholeheartedly with Vincent.

“On presentation day, these students step out of their comfort zone. They dress like adults and they share their story in a formal presentation with people they’ve never met before! I could not be more proud of what these students have accomplished!” LaRose said.

The students also think that the presentations went great. They thought that the panel of community members was encouraging and polite to them. Students also found that there was really no reason to be nervous at all. In the end, the experience was half as scary as they thought it would be.

The Senior Technical Communications presentations were a fantastic and educational experience for students who participated. The class overall will be a helpful tool for the future of its students after graduation.

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