Rehlander finishes her final year as a Blazer


The LaPorte Community School Corporation has many outstanding teachers and staff who make their schools fantastic and a great place for students to learn and grow. Behind the scenes are those who coordinate the magic at the highest level in their school. We know them as principals. One principal who has made a difference and will be giving her torch to another at the end of this school year is Indian Trail principal Kim Rehlander.

Rehlander has been working in the LaPorte Community School Corporation for 23 years, and so much has changed from the first time she stepped foot into the halls. From achievements to new events, Rehalnder has helped orchestrate it all.

“We became a Four Star School three years in a row, and we never really had that before, which I’m very, very proud of. That was one of my personal goals. We’ve added some clubs, including Ukulele club, which is really fun for the kids. We also have an Academic After-School Academy,” Rehlander said

Rehlander’s daily schedule is lengthy and can be stressful to the average person, but with incredible time management and leadership skills, Rehlander handles it with ease. Starting at about seven a.m., Rehalnder begins her day with her students and teachers.

“I usually try to get there at around seven because I’m an early bird, and it’s quiet, which means I can get a lot of stuff done. Then, the teachers come around, and I get to talk to them, and then the kids come. It’s kind of a gradual thing, and it’s nice that I get to greet the kids at the bus or at the door. Usually, I take care of phone calls, concerns, students’ concerns, and meetings. But it’s a very busy day and a very fast day. That’s another reason why I love my job because everyday is different,” Rehlander said.

Being a principal isn’t always as smooth as it may seem. Rehlander deals with many hardships in her line of work.

“There isn’t enough time in the day sometimes to get everything we need done because my number one focus is the students. I also have a lot of paperwork and reports I have to do, so you have to have a nice balance between working with the kids. I wouldn’t say anything is too hard because I love my job everyday. I would just say sometimes there’s not enough minutes in the day,” Rehlander said.

Being a principal is important to Rehlander. With taking care of students and teachers to managing outside stressors, Rehalander loves it all.

“I love working here because of the whole family environment. Indian Trail is a family. I have super hard working people on my staff that are here for the right reasons. They’re here for the kids, and they’re a joy to work with because we’re all on the same page. I like to see my staff, not just teachers, because everybody in the building is important,” Rehlander said.

Rehlander has a strong bond with her students and former students as well.

“I really like to keep track of my kids. It’s really fun to see former kids. I ran into a couple kids that are graduating or have graduated that now have children of their own. They’ll yell ‘Hey Mrs. Rehalnder,’ and I’ll talk to them and say ‘Hey how are you doing? How’s your life? Are these your kids? Are you married? What are you doing in the workplace?’ It makes me feel good to know that my Blazers are being productive adults in society,” Rehlander said.

When Rehlander is not at Indian Trail, she can be found vacationing in many tropical locations around the world, which she will most likely be doing after her final year as principal of Indian Trail this year.

“My favorite places right now are Aruba and Florida,” Rehlander said.

Rehalnder has touched lives of many for 23 years at Indian Trail and her legacy as principal will serve for those who hope to be like her and make a difference in the world.

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