Local cheer and dance company goes to Florida for nationals


A local cheer and dance company called Indiana Xtreme Elite (IXE) headed to nationals in Orlando, Florida, and competed from May 14th to May 15th.
IXE is an all-star cheer and dance company out of LaPorte, Indiana. IXE is geared towards a more affordable way to help and train a child who walks into the gym. IXE offers tumbling, flexibility, and toddler classes for anyone who is interested.
“Our staff welcomes everyone in with open arms and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure our athletes are getting the best training possible,” head cheer coach Angela Colalillo said.
Recently, IXE had the opportunity to compete in an event in Florida called Orlando Grand Finale Nationals. The two-day competition event took place Saturday and Sunday and lasted for hours with many teams competing for first place in their division as well as grand champion.
“The importance of this competition is that it is the final stamp on the season. The last time to leave it all on the mat. The last time to go out there and give it your all,” Colalillo said.
IXE has had an up and down season, and they were finally ready to put everything into their last performance of the season.
Throughout the season, many athletes dealt with mental blocks and stress.
“We had to overcome athletes getting in their heads over skills they already possessed, so we welcomed ‘happy circles’ into our daily practices, and the athletes loved the idea of the happy circle. It helped them focus and clear their minds from outside stress while listening to soothing music and focusing on breathing and just taking a step back from reality,” Colalillo said.
With the help of the coaches all the hard work, dedication, and an open mind on mental health, all teams and soloists placed extremely well.
In total, the teams that attended worlds in the cheer section were Luna, Calypso, and Supernova. The teams that attended in the hip-hop section were Tornadoes and Lightning. IXE also entered three hip-hop solos, one chee solo, and a contemporary solo.
Luna won second place, Calypso won third place, Supernova won first place, Tornadoes won first, and Lighting won third place.
“I feel each and every one of our teams did amazing! Each athlete went out and gave it their all, and their placements show all of the hard work, dedication, and drive our athletes truly have for the sport they love,” Colalillo said.
After nationals, IXE is ready to start preparing for the new upcoming season, coming back stronger and with more opportunities. IXE welcomes a varsity dance team and a cheer ability program that will be offered to all ages and disabilities.
If one is interested in joining a program offered by IXE, a coach can be contacted at [email protected] or be checked out on Facebook at Indiana Xtreme Elite.

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