The impact of Watterson

The impact of Watterson


It’s not difficult to point out those who were born to teach, Slicer alumni and current LPMS teacher Natalie Watterson is one.

Ever since she was young, Watterson has loved going to school. She found that she enjoyed reading, writing, and history the most out of her classes.

“One day while I was in a history class, my favorite professor was lecturing about the history of hot air balloons in France. I was taking notes and realized that I wanted to do what he was doing. I wanted to teach about topics that I loved. I wanted my interest and intrigue to be my daily job, and I wanted to teach,” Watterson said.

She ended up graduating with communications and history degrees before starting a Transition to Teach program and working as a substitute teacher in the meantime.

Watterson started her first year teaching a split job at both Kesling Middle School and the former Boston Middle School 10 years ago. After that, she was full time at Boston until the two schools merged together in 2019.

“Once Boston and Kesling merged, I transitioned [from English] to social studies. I have a degree in History, so I really enjoyed teaching social studies. This current school year I moved into a new job as an Instructional Data Coach. This job has been so much fun. I do a lot of work that requires tracking data, working with grade level curriculum, and doing professional development for myself and teachers,” Watterson said.

Watterson believes that schools are special places that allow teachers and students to form bonds, and she loves learning the stories of the many students she’s taught.

“I love the connections that teachers and educators make with students and coworkers. Educators and students spend so much time together throughout a school year and I really enjoy getting to know the stories of my students,” Watterson said.

In her free time, Watterson enjoys traveling to new places and discovering the history of things like local architecture. When she’s not abroad, Watterson can be found spending time with her year and a half old daughter.

Educators and school staff members are such an important part of creating a viable learning environment. People like Watterson are a vital part of making students feel welcome at school, and their impact can be found stretching across generations.

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