Hrunek joins LPHS admin team


La Porte High School welcomed former 6th grade science teacher Mr. Hrunek to the Slicer administrative team.

Hrunek is the assistant principal in charge of supporting special education students. He works closely with counselors, special education teachers, students, and parents to make sure educational needs are met. All these responsibilities he has now are far more broad than what he was used to at Kesling.

“My head is spinning all the time because it is very different being a principal,” Hrunek said.

Besides his duties with special education, he, along with the rest of the administrators, oversees after-school events, supervises lunches, and completes staff evaluations. Furthermore, he is always supporting the staff and students. With this move from the classroom to administration, he is able to impact both students and teachers.

“I want to have a better impact on more students by working with teachers. It is like a ripple effect,” Hrunek said.

Before coming to LPHS, Hrunek was a 6th grade science teacher at Kesling for eight years. He was heavily involved in many school activities and extracurriculars. He was a student favorite and loved his time as a classroom teacher.

“The eight years I taught at Kesling were the best years of my life,” Hrunek said.

Hrunek has just become a part of the administrative team, so plans for the future are premature. He wants to grow and learn all he can in his current position. The possibilities are plentiful–become a building principal, go back to teaching, or get another degree. For right now, he is just hoping to learn more about the school.

“I hope to learn a lot while I am here what it takes to run the school behind the scenes,” Hrunek said.

Hrunek’s biggest goal is to support the staff and the students the best that he can. He is transitioning nicely after the first few weeks and finding his footing.

“I want to help students become the best they can be, to help them do want they want to do, to help them meet their goals as a student and outside of school,” Hrunek said.

Outside of school, Hrunek enjoys various activities. He enjoys camping with family. This year, they went to Spring Mill State Park. After this school year, his goals are to remodel his kitchen without help and work on his car for fun.

Hrunek is fitting in and impacting LPHS already with his hard work and dedication. The change may have been sudden and wildly different from his previous role, but Hrunek is a born educational leader.

“There was a lot of change very quickly in my life. I was nervous but sometimes pushing yourself out of your comfort zone that’s how you grow as a person and we can learn new things,” Hrunek said.

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