Behind the lens: Anglin captures Slicer memories



If a photo is worth a thousand words, the story of Slicer sports is being beautifully and meticulously told by sophomore photographer Susan Anglin.

Wherever Anglin goes, the sounds of clicks and shutters are sure to follow. She has partnered up with the LPHS athletic department to take pictures of each Slicer sport and uploads the images to the Go Slices site. The excitement around the quality of her photos has left athletes clamoring for more and Anglin overwhelmed with gratitude. 

“I’d like to thank all of my friends, family, and community members for their continuous support and love through this past fall season, especially our two wonderful athletic directors, Jeff Sherman and Steve Santana. They both have been so kind to me with helping me get my Go Slicers account running so that I can upload my photos there and with helping get me into events that happen at other schools so that I can go onto the fields or courts with no problem. I’m so excited for the winter and fall sport seasons and the next two years I have to look forward to as a photographer for LaPorte High School,” Anglin said.

Anglin’s love for photography started at a young age. She enjoyed snapping pictures while visiting her grandparents in Colorado. She then turned her camera from the mountains to sports in middle school.

“I’ve been helping my dad since I was in about sixth grade. Whenever he wanted to stop I would take over to get pictures of my brother at football, basketball, or baseball games,” Anglin said.

After watching former Slicer Jacob Ellis produce videos and take pictures at high school events her freshman year, Anglin knew she wanted to follow in his footsteps. Now, she is a staple at LPHS games. Her Instagramable shots have made their way to local newspapers, social media profiles, and

“As silly as it may seem, I’m still so new to this and as just a single photographer going to just Slicer events right now, picture credit is so appreciated to help boost my account and pictures. As of right now, I just run an Instagram account called @shotbysusan_,” Anglin said.

There is a thrill Anglin finds behind the lens. She is intentional about finding the perfect shot to tell the story of the game, match, or meet. A piece of her heart can be seen in each photograph.

“The most memorable experiences would probably have to be the emotional ones. I know most of the athletes I take pictures of personally and to see my friends upset or excited really is a special experience. If there are big losses, I like to go on the field/court and capture pictures of teammate embraces or even the ones with coaches or parents,” Anglin said.

Anglin takes hundreds and sometimes thousands of photos each event. She then spends hours editing lighting or coloring and finding the right images to share with the athletic department, newspaper, and athletes. This is on top of a packed schedule and a part-time job at Downtown Delights. It’s not uncommon to see Anglin at any point of the day with her computer in hand.

“If I know I’m working a slow Saturday morning shift, I sometimes bring my computer to work and edit when nobody is in the shop. I try not to edit too late during the week because if I attend an event or game it usually goes until 8 or 9 anyways. I’ve also brought my computer to school to edit in my downtime, as long as my work in the class is done,” Anglin said.

Anglin is a highly involved student at LPHS. She is in GR, FCA, Public Relations, and she runs for the LPHS track team. She is the epitome of a Slicer student-athlete. 

Although she is only a sophomore, Anglin has big plans after high school that will hopefully keep the camera in her hands. 

“I think my optimal or ideal future would be to go to college, where at is still up in the air, and study either sport media or journalism and media. Although I haven’t ever written the articles for the events I go to, I have been approached with the offer to. I also think it would be amazing if I could take pictures for not only sports but just life in general. I think it’s really special to get the emotional or tear-jerking shots as I like to call them. If I could do something like that on a larger level or for a larger outlet, it would be incredible. I do have dreams to go as far as National Geographic, ESPN, or any number of the large newspaper outlets we have in America such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, or even IndyStar down state. Those are pretty wild though,” Anglin said.

Nothing seems too far-fetched for this talented storyteller. Some dazzle with a paint brush, some with a pen. Anglin’s masterpieces come with the shutter of her lens, and her stories have beautifully captured the Slicer experience.

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