Batter up

As stated by Scholarship States, a website which states the odds of high school athletes playing in college, it is said that only 12% of baseball players in high school are able to play for a college team.
Kade Flores, an 18-year-old senior at LaPorte High School, is among that small 12% after playing baseball for years.
Flores found his love for the sport at the young age of five when he first picked up a bat. He then began his journey of playing baseball, going from t-ball all the way to where he is today, a varsity baseball player for LaPorte High School and a soon to be college player for Huntington University.
“I’ve been playing baseball for what feels like forever. I was around four or five when I picked up a bat, but I’ve been actually playing since I was six or seven years old,” Flores said.
Not only has Flores found happiness in playing the sport, but he has found friends as well. Through baseball, Flores has been able to meet new people outside of LaPorte and become closer with people he may have never known if it wasn’t for the sport.
“I have my friends here, but I know people from the South Bend area that I’ve gotten close with just because of baseball, and I’m able to keep in touch with a lot of people through baseball as well. Even at my new school that I’ll be going to college for, I’ve already met new people,” Flores stated.
Although Flores has been able to make friends throughout his career in baseball, he’s also learned from losses that he’s faced as well. One of the hardest parts of any sport is accepting that at some point you may lose, but Flores has found ways to deal with these losses throughout his  years of playing.
“We play a lot of games in baseball, probably around three to four games a week, so  you’ll always know you’ll get another chance. Baseball can be a tough game to play anyways,  so sometimes you’ll just have losses,” Flores said. Flores’s last year in baseball is quickly approaching as he is currently a senior. While Flores will still be playing in college, there are a few more things that he would like to accomplish before he receives his diploma in June.
“A successful season for me would be to have no errors at second base and try to have a batting average above 350. Also, I would like to get 15 doubles this year since last year I tied the doubles record. Winning Sectionals is also a really big goal for me since we haven’t won Sectionals since I’ve been playing at LaPorte,” Flores said.
Flores has also always been inspired by his dad. Just like Flores, his dad also played baseball in college and has gone through all the ups and downs baseball has brought him.
“I’ve always looked up to my dad. He’s gone through the same things I’ve been through when it comes to baseball,” Flores stated.
Flores may have never imagined that he would be a part of the elite 12 % of baseball college athletes when he first started playing at a young age, but this major accomplishment will become a reality in less than a year.

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