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All about the Slicer Newsroom & PR Staff

Slicer Newsroom is a student run newspaper, alongside supervision of an advisor. Stories are decided weekly, and assigned to the student(s) that wish to write the article. Slicer Newsroom features work done by the students on the Hi-Times staff and PR staff. There are a multitude of items that our website offers, such as: videos, pictures, and detailed stories about events and students here at LPHS and in the community of La Porte. Our staff works hard to get 2-3 stories accomplished weekly, along with getting photos and edits done on time. Our website also works alongside a Twitter account, which you can follow @slicernewsroom , or follow the link provided (, as well as a Facebook page which you can follow here ( The website, Twitter, and Facebook page are updated daily with everything one needs to know about LPHS, the surrounding community, along with popular trending news.

About our School

Principal – Mr. Ben Tonagel    Associate Principal – Mr. Scott Upp     Assistant Principal  – Mr. Kris Staats

 Assistant Principal – Ms. Candace Schafer   Assistant Principal  – Mrs. Amy Kosior

Bell Schedule –

Absence Reporting Procedure

  • On the date of the absence, a student’s parent/guardian must call the attendance office at 219-362-1032 by 10:00 a.m.
  • The purpose of the phone call is to notify the school authorities that the parent is aware of the student’s absence from school. Prolonged and/or unusual circumstances for a student’s absence should be discussed with the student’s Assistant Principal.
  • Parents who are unable to call on the day of the absence MUST call the Attendance Office by 4:00 p.m. THE NEXT SCHOOL DAY or the absence will be recorded as unverified.

To report illness, tardiness, or to remove a student early, please call 219-362-1032

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